Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Red Alert!

It’s been almost three weeks since I last wrote a blog post.  Have I been really busy or lazy or perhaps both? Well for my laziness, I blame the weather! It's that time of year in Australia, where days are chilly, gloomy and often worsen with nonstop rainfall! Having said that, Sydney weather is acting well for past few days by letting us soak some sun and finally I have pulled up my up socks to work on some new posts.
Moving on to my  look for today, it is kind of inspired by Nepalese bride. Red and gold is the most predominant colour associated with majority of  Nepalese wedding and that is what I have used here; a little red dress(LRD) styled with lots of golden accessories.
BTW I am  not dressed up  as bride or anything, dress worn by  most of  the Nepalese bride is very much exotic and intricately designed saris, jazzed up with lots of 24 carat gold jewellery and make- up is usually on darker and heavier side, much more dramatic than mine in the pictures.
Gold jewellery looks good with any colour clothes, especially blood red. Here, these chunky golden accessories compliment my LRD perfectly,  giving my entire look a very much festive and rich feel. Less is more but not always and it’s okay to break some of those fashion rules once in a while and go crazy with accessories!!! After all fashion and style is all about taking risk and having fun experimenting & being creative!
With so much red going on from red dress to red lips, it won’t  be inappropriate to give my  blog the title of  Red Alert!! Now ladies, how about  painting  the  town red with your LRD? Thoughts?
......And as always stay  stylish!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Style Checkk - Brigette Baca

If you had read my first blog, I had mentioned that I'll be blogging about my style as well as others'; that could be style of my friends, relatives, colleagues or just random people I meet. This is going to be one such post and I thought why not name it "Style Checkk" along with the person's name who will be featured in it. The name "Style Checkk" is inspired from one of the TV shows I used to watch back in good old days, the show was called "MTV Style Check"(with only one K at the end). Anyways, I took some pictures of one of my friends  during a recent birthday party, she is known by the name Brigitte Baca. I didn't style her or anything, just asked her to pose and clicked few pictures. Yes, it's that simple!

As you can see in the pictures below, she looks absolutely stunning in a pair of black skinny jeans and black and  white tank tops. The black ankle boots and black leather jacket give her outfit an edgy look. Black and whites don't always have to be boring when you know how to jazz it up with some cool accessories and an elegant up do, this is exactly what she has done with her look. I totally loved how she has done her hair; it instantly perks up her entire look. It's a simple look but she has pulled it off in such a stylish manner! I hope her style can be inspiring in some way or the other for all you beautiful ladies out there, enjoy the pictures below and stay stylish :)