Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fairytale wedding and the fashion

So, the much hyped royal wedding of Kate and William is finally over. What I used to hear in bedtime stories was what I got to experience from my living room in Sydney yesterday - the fairytale wedding of prince and princess. Everything about the wedding was extravagant, the ceremony, the wedding cake,  the guests and what got me most excited was the fashion depicted in the wedding. I sat in front of my TV screen for hours just to see all those colorful costumes and fancy headpieces worn by the guests and of course the wedding dress of Kate. She just looked stunning in that Alexander McQueen gown designed by Sarah Burton which she wore for the ceremony. Everything looked perfect from her tiara to her heels, and why not; after all she is a princess, everything had to be perfect! Her second dress for the reception, was again breathtaking,  just loved the diamante around the waist; she looked so elegant and classy.

Apart from Kate's wedding dress, other big news which made it to the headlines were the bright and colorful headpieces worn by guests in the wedding, some were hot and some were not (I was more interested to see what was the queen of fashion, Victoria Beckham wearing). Nevertheless, this royal wedding was like the biggest fashion event ever, which was witnessed by billions of people all over the world.

P.S. don't be surprised if I'll be seen wearing some crazy  hats and headpieces in my next post....till then stay stylish! XOXO

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Beachy Way

It's almost time to say goodbye to warm sunny weather in Sydney so I thought, why not do a post about my beach style to start off with. I love beaches, the sea, sand, sun and of course the stylish feel of it makes beach the perfect place to rest, relax and have fun. For me, white always goes best with the beach, nothing looks cool on a hot sunny day other than a cool white outfit. Here, I am wearing a white maxi dress, which is  pretty basic and subtle, yet the sweetheart neckline & cute little bow makes it bit sexy and flirty.  I added a purple necklace to throw in some colour and  jazzed  up the look  with lots of bangles.  I used lots of kohl and mascara to create a dark eye make up look which I think blends really well with the white outfit I am wearing. I  love having my hair curled for a beach day, curly hair kind of brings out that beachy feel  and the less tamed look which is again perfect for the beach.

Well, whatever you wear or however you style yourself, the idea is to have fun in the beach and that is what matters the most.
Enjoy the pictures  and stay stylish!



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome to my blog!!!!

After thinking for months, finally here I am writing my first blog for the second time (earlier I was involved in a blogging project for my college).

This blog is going to be all about makeup, fashion, clothes, shoes and lot short style as my Blog Name ISTYLEMANTRA suggests.
I believe every individual has their own style which reflects their personality whether it is the ultimate fashion diva J-Lo or just a Jenny from the block. While we often look out for and follow celebrity styles and trends, we sometimes do get inspired by the style of people around us, well at least I do.  The purpose of my blog is to create such inspiration. While I'll be showcasing  what my version of style is , I'll also be featuring other young stylish females (haven't thought about any male yet) who can inspire us or least share  their style with us, which will be something new, something different.
So ya, Istylemantra is all about my style and your style.

I'll talk to you guys in my next post till then stay stylish.......xoxo