Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gulity Pleasure:Online shopping

browsing through the site, took a break to pose.........

Back in school days, I used to hear stories about how people in western countries shop from their home without going to the store. I wondered how it would be like to buy things without physically seeing them and if I'll ever get to experience such a thing. Few years later when I left my country and moved to USA to pursue my higher education, I made my first online purchase from Amazon; my text books! That was the day and here I am today, obsessed with online shopping.

With all these fabulous online stores and tempting bargains, it's hard to resist, not to shop online. What I love about shopping online is, it's extremely convenient, less time consuming, less expensive, and of course, you are spoiled with choices. Recently, I came across this site called which is Australia's No.1 online shoe store (that's what they claim to be!)What first drew me to their site were these phrases below:

Yes, it offers free delivery, free return and 100 days return policy, how cool is that???I am usually reluctant to pay shipping charges when shopping online and here I don't have to worry about it at all, now this is got to be a very good reason to love this store. Not only that, they carry a large selection of shoes, practically all major brands like Tony Bianco, Lipstick, Peeptoe, Siren, Guess and much more, cool huh?

selected some shoes, yet to pick one!

So here I am browsing through the site, trying to figure out which pair of shoes should I own. With so many gorgeous shoes to choose from, it's one hell of a task to select one but I thought of a cool idea to end my dilemma. Since it’s the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought of getting a pair of pink shoes to support the cause. As it's for a good cause, I won’t feel guilty about spending my money; moreover, I’ll own a new pair of shoes in a colour that I don’t have and that in trend this summer. (Colour Blocking) Now that's what I call a smart shopping. Style Tread, here I come...........

Stay stylish!