Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cobalt Blue and Fuchsia with pink leopard

It’s the last day of summer and cold weather has already found a way to break into our lives. We didn’t see many sunny days this summer as weather was mostly wet and somewhat chilly. Nevertheless, weather last weekend was absolutely beautiful and as the day was bright and sunny, I wanted to incorporate that warmth and brightness into my outfits as well.

Mixing colours is fun yet can be challenging when dressing up. This is the first time I’m wearing two bold colours at once; it was quite scary but I wanted to take that risk. Cobalt blue (electric blue) has been one of my favourite colours to wear this season while I have always loved Fuchsia (bright pink). Here, I paired an oversized Fuchsia Blazer with Cobalt blue skinny jeans; quite bold paring! I wanted to tone down the boldness of this colour combination so added pink & black leopard print scarf. This scarf is an attention grabber and it instantly balances my entire look by taking some of the focus away from cobalt blue and fuchsia colour blocking. I kept rest of my accessories neutral with black wedges and black tote which helped to bring this look together.   

I felt that the vibrant and gorgeous mix of colours kind of helped amplify my entire personality, making me realize the power of colour!
Stay stylish

Makeup by Krystal Carrington
Photography by Giovanni Portelli