Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Summer Layering

Who said layering is only for winters? Living in a city like Sydney, where weather is so unpredictable, layering in summer can be fun and a necessity at the same time. Simple or draped, cardigans are must have for any closet.  I love draped cardigan over simple ones as it adds more dimension and flare to an outfit.  This taupe grey cardigan I own is very handy for summer days when the weather is bit on the chilly side and also perfect for layering in winters as it is not thick and bulky.
I love how I can wear this cardigan to look totally chic and polished for work, throw it over a pair of jeans for casual days and wear it with a maxi dress for that Boho chic look. Here’s few look I put together pairing my draped cardigan.

 First Pairing
Snake print skirt for a pop of print & glamour, platform heels to add few inches to my silhouette, oversized handbag for all my belongings and I’m ready to head to work

Second Pairing

Jeans, heels and a clutch - perfect for date nights, hanging out with friends or maybe casual days at work

Third Pairing

A simple black maxi dress, chunky wedges and some earth tone accessories for those relaxed and laid back Sundays

Layering, pairing and combining clothes is definitely a key technique to learn when styling any outfit and it also allows us to make maximum use of clothes that we own. More to follow in my upcoming posts.

Stay stylish!


PS- Special thanks to Krystal Carrington for doing my makeup


  1. 2nd pairing is good as lose cardigan is really going well with tight jeans but lose cardigan with maxi in 3rd pairing is spoiling the show. Also in 1st pairing, lose flairy cardigan gives a casual look and does not look professional for workplace.
    Sorry to say but these sort of fashion clothing would suit best on a much slimmer model.

  2. Romu U luk Fav....lob ur swag

  3. love the first pairing, totally chic office look! I can see myself replacing my blazer with a similar cardigan

  4. You seem to carry all three looks really well , even a maxi dress with that cardigan which is quite unusual

  5. Thank you all for taking time to read my blog and providing your valuable feedback, keep it coming:)

  6. This is in reference to the comment by Anonymous dated Feb 07, 2012. The word Fashion has gone with whirl wood changes throughout which no other fields have been. Fashion in today's context is presenting yourself through your wardrobe and mannerism. Physical state (slim or anything) doesn't matter at all. Kudos to bloggers like Romu for presenting wearable fashion with panache. If the model should have been there, it wont look real and wearable as it is now in the pics above.

    1. Couldn't agree more with you Shilu but again everyone has their own opinion, some make sense to us while some don't! Btw, I had a look at your blog, looks fab, keep up the good work:)