Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shoe Party!!!

I don’t exactly remember when I started fantasizing about high heels but I feel that as a woman, shoe lust is something that grows into you as you grow up. I kind of relate to the feeling when they say a girl cannot have too many pairs of shoes; no matter how many pair of shoes you have, you always feel the urge to buy a new one. It’s like buying pair of new heels almost has that super natural effect which cannot be described, the happiness is divine. I don’t want to sound like a shoe addict but also can’t deny happiness it brings when I own a new pair every time.

With June’s financial year end sale, I couldn’t resist adding few pairs of heels to my wardrobe, especially when I was able to buy then at a fraction of the cost. Here I am having a little party with my new babies, these are from RMK; one of my favourite Australian brand.  I will be styling them in my upcoming posts, do keep an eye.

Stay stylish!

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