Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A day with the flowers

Growing up, I always dreamt of seeing a very big and pretty tulip garden shown in this song from a Bollywood movie called Silsila. (I am a big Bollywood fan). So last month, I went to this flower show called Floriade in Canberra which is held every year during spring. Though it was nothing like the flower garden in the song, (I believe the song was shot in Holland), it was quite nice with plenty of beautiful flowers. I was also thinking of doing some photo shoots for my blog with the beautiful floral backdrop but the weather was really chilly and there were more people than the flowers, it was so crowed! Nevertheless I enjoyed my day with the flowers and felt really inspired seeing how beautiful they our world look!

 About the outfit.

I threw on a basic black and white ensemble, white jeans with black tee and a black jumper. I paired it with a cute pairs of leopard print flats, a statement necklace to make it look more fun and less boring. I wore a faux fur vest to add some texture to my outfit and also to keep me warm during the chilly weather of Canberra. It’s a very fall kind of outfit rather than spring but hey, it was a cold day (think it was like 15 degrees) hence appropriate wear for the day.

Stay Stylish


  1. Nice collection gal. Missed out on going to Canberra this time. Looks lovely!!!

  2. It was nice, weather was not that great and the crowd was way more than I expected!