Thursday, January 26, 2012

Styling my red skinnies

One of the hottest trends this season is the coloured jeans. While I always don't follow every trend, I thought working with coloured jeans could be fun and something different which I haven't tried before; after all style is all about experimenting and trying out something unusual.

After visiting malls several times and few failed attempts of purchasing one, I finally gathered enough courage to buy me two pairs , one in cobalt blue and other in red! Now comes the fun part; styling them! For this blog, I chose to work with my red skinnies first. After going through my closet for hours, I pulled out few pieces and came up with these three looks to begin with:

Look 1:

We all know red and white go very well together so it was a very safe option for me to pair these red jeans with an off-white chiffon blouse which has a cut out and button up detailing at the back. To accessorize the look, I added a pair of nude pumps, some pearl jewellery and a white Chanel purse. I love how this look is very simple yet sophisticated; totally classic!

Look 2:

I love the way how well these jeans fit me and make me feel super confident when I walk around in them. I think every girl should own a pair of well fitted red jeans and why not; after all, they are so versatile, stylish and can be worn both in summer and winter. Well of course not everyone can pull off these red jeans easily but, if paired with right outfits & and accessories, they can make you look effortlessly chic and trendy.

I had so much fun styling my red skinnies, hope you had fun reading it.......can't wait to pair them with other outfits and rock them more!

Stay stylish!