Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swing it away

The moment I saw this coat, I wanted to buy it. I loved the design, material, understated colour and the subtle leopard prints. However, the store didn't have it in my size so I had to check out few other stores before I found it in my size. Anyways I finally got it and have been wearing it all the time, it's super easy and versatile to style. Though swing coats may overwhelm small body frame, it can look flattering if paired with fitted skirt or skinny jeans. It’s very feminine & fun to wear and compliments all figures. 

 Here I paired my swing coat with red skinny jeans (previouly style here ) and black tall leather boots.  Btw these boots are from style tread  that I won through one of my previous blogposts. I love pairing shades of red with leopard print as it adds a very fun and adventurous vibe to the outfit. I completed the look with layers of pearl necklace and 50’s hair & make-up.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Playing dress up

I love costume parties because it is so much fun to see everyone dress up as per the theme; however it can be quite stressful trying to figure what you are going to wear and arrange everything accordingly.
Last Saturday, I went to one of my friend's birthday party, and yes, it was a theme party where we had to dress up as music stars.

After thinking for days and browsing continously through the net for inspirations, I chose to dress up as Amy Winehouse. Though she is not my favourite singer or music Idol, I find her style quite unique and fascinating, also somewhat easy to replicate (till I tried). In my attempt to replicate her hairstyle, I failed miserably and that's when I gave up the idea of dressing up as Amy and opted for Adele instead. I love Adele as a singer, her face is stunning and I love her 60's glamour hairdo and makeup so it was a perfect choice for me. Dressing up as Adele was quite easy as I only needed a black dress and a fabulous set of earrings. Since I had few black dresses in my closet, I had to pick from one of them but I ended up buying a new one anyway. Since I didn't have enough time, I didn't get a chance to buy a blonde wig so I had to work with my black hair. So here I am dressed up as Adele with my brown complexion and black hair.

Our birthday girl (she was featured on my blog post previously) was dressed up as Lady Gaga which she pulled it off quite well, especially her costume was just too perfect. Rest of my other friends were quite good too. We had people dressed up as Niki Minaj, Janet Jackson, Amy Winehouse (Luckily I changed my mind otherwise there would have been two Amys) Rihana, Kate Perry and few more music stars. It was such a fun night and we all enjoyed a lot.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trends meet Timeless

In my last post, I admitted my lust for shoes and how I love adding new pairs to my collection! I knew I was missing a must have item for every women’s shoes collection; a pair of black pumps and  finally brought these babies home Black pumps go with anything and everything and is perfect for all occasion. It’s like the LBD of accessories; every woman needs to have a pair in their closet.  Anyways, I bought these patent leather pumps along with some other shoes (which you can see here) from RMK last month. I got it in patent leather because it’s currently in trend and gives a modern vibe to this timeless pair of heels. I thought I would start off with the basic and styled these heels with a button up chiffon shirt and printed leggings.

Since the day was quite warm, I was just wearing a black shirt in similar design like my white one which I styled here with a pair of printed black and white leggings. I added  cuff and earrings in black and goldtone colours  from Diva and a spiky goldtone necklace for some drama.  I love how these accessories take my simple and basic outfit to a whole new level, giving it an edge rocker chic glam!

I quite like the overall outcome of this look, which can be simply achieved by mixing timeless pieces with trendy ones.  After all, style is all about combining unusual pieces together to create an interesting and  eye catching look like the way I have styled basic button up blouse and black pumps with trendy printed bottoms and accessories.
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**Makeup by Raktim Jo**
**Photos by Shailesh K. Jha**

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shoe Party!!!

I don’t exactly remember when I started fantasizing about high heels but I feel that as a woman, shoe lust is something that grows into you as you grow up. I kind of relate to the feeling when they say a girl cannot have too many pairs of shoes; no matter how many pair of shoes you have, you always feel the urge to buy a new one. It’s like buying pair of new heels almost has that super natural effect which cannot be described, the happiness is divine. I don’t want to sound like a shoe addict but also can’t deny happiness it brings when I own a new pair every time.

With June’s financial year end sale, I couldn’t resist adding few pairs of heels to my wardrobe, especially when I was able to buy then at a fraction of the cost. Here I am having a little party with my new babies, these are from RMK; one of my favourite Australian brand.  I will be styling them in my upcoming posts, do keep an eye.

Stay stylish!