Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A day with the flowers

Growing up, I always dreamt of seeing a very big and pretty tulip garden shown in this song from a Bollywood movie called Silsila. (I am a big Bollywood fan). So last month, I went to this flower show called Floriade in Canberra which is held every year during spring. Though it was nothing like the flower garden in the song, (I believe the song was shot in Holland), it was quite nice with plenty of beautiful flowers. I was also thinking of doing some photo shoots for my blog with the beautiful floral backdrop but the weather was really chilly and there were more people than the flowers, it was so crowed! Nevertheless I enjoyed my day with the flowers and felt really inspired seeing how beautiful they our world look!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Iphonography/Colours/DIY Necklace

I have been using instagram a lot lately and I am kind of blown away by the beautiful pictures people take from a phone camera and post here. All this time, I have only used a DSLR camera to shoot for my blogs and the process is quite time consuming. So, I thought every now and then I should post pictures taken from my trusty iphone and try to blog more regularly. After all, iphonography is a huge craze because of its awesomeness and so much more convenient and instant than professional photography .

Friday, October 12, 2012

How about a Fashion Shower???

As I was taking my shower this evening, I found myself humming this really fun song called Fashion Shower by Anna Dello Russo, the guardian of fashion (well that's what she calls herself in the song).This song is to promote/celebrate her recent collaboration with retail giant H&M and I must say it's quite catchy and entertaining and her Italian accent makes it even cooler.I am huge fan of her eccentric style and fashion sense and this song completely represents her. She is such an inspiration to every fashionista.
Well, enjoy the video and here are the 10 fashion lessons she is trying to teach us in this song. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Heart prints

Bright and lovely spring weather begs for cute spring dresses, this one I picked up at Myers during their massive mid season sale (up to 75% off on already discounted items, who knew one could out walk out of Myers with two back full of clothes for just $150......... ahh....mazing!!!!)