Wednesday, March 27, 2013

White, gold and glitter

Pic from 2009
After B&W and  monochrome black, monochrome white is my all time favorite style, simply because it’s so crisp and refreshing look to wear that doesn't really require much effort to pull off.  As I was flicking through my old photos, I came across this particular photo wearing an all white outfit which  inspired to do a post on this particular style. As much as I love wearing all white, it’s a little high maintenance and less forgiving than black or dark colors, (if you are the curvier side) so it’s not my go to outfit, but I occasionally do opt for this style. 

We all know that white is a staple color for spring and summer, however it’s equally appropriate for autumn/winter if styled correctly. Here, I am using different hues of white rather than sticking to same color and also mixing textures and fabrics to  create  more contrasting monochrome effect. I paired this off white blazer and a sheer cotton tee  with  textured white skinny pants that I made to order during my recent trip to Nepal .  To add  a bit of glamour, I opted for this thick chain necklace in gold and finished off with the golden glitter pumps.  I love how the  combination of gold and white is working together to bring a hint of glamour and boldness to this look which works for night time wear. This look can be easily dressed down if  more subtle and minimal accessories are used for daytime use.

Recently white on white has been a big trend on red carpets runways and streets  but  it is a classic look that was always  and will be in style!
Stay Stylish…….

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