Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Railway Crossing

Finally I managed to edit some photos from my current Prabal Gurung printed cardigan styling obsession. I went to Hunter Valley during my birthday weekend about 2 weeks ago and these pictures were taken on the way. We stopped for a coffee break at this very interesting cafe called the Railway Crossing, it was right at the corner of an actual railway crossing hence the name. I was so fascinated by the rugged and antique interior of the cafe, it was so different and interesting. The owner had turned the trash into treasure and used unwanted and worn out pieces beautifully to give his cafe a unique look. I was especially drawn into this particular piece, it was an old kerosene stove which reminded me of my time back in the days when I used to live in Nepal. We used to use those stoves for cooking and I believe they are still used in Nepal by many families but here, it was an antique decorative piece in a coffee shop.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


It took me a while to edit photos as mentioned in my previous post. The pictures posted here are from what I called the dressy look as it's more put together and very girly with some pink accents. I basically paired my PG cardigan with a fun and feminine black skirt, tucked it  in and a added a pink belt for a polished look. For other accessories, I added a statement necklace, neon pink pumps and a quilted black purse to complete the look! I loved the way how this outfit turned out and I was twirling around in my skirt and heels!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Casual Vs Dressy (Preview)

Here's a quick preview of my next blog; currently i'm editing the photos. I styled my Prabal Gurung cardigan from the previous post into two different ways, one being casual and other being more dressy. More photos and outfit details to follow.

Stay stylish!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Black and White Cardigan

When the designer Prabal Gurung announced his collaboration with Target, I knew that I had to own  some of his creations. His designs are always so beautiful and inspirational;  this was the perfect time to own few of his designs as I couldn't have afforded otherwise .  It was really overwhelming to see all his gorgeous designs for such an affordable price and I just loved all the pieces from his collection. Since I had to get the items shipped from US, I could not buy everything as I wanted  to, instead, I just settled for two; one of  which is featured on my blog today-  "The black and white cardigan in Meet the Parents Print".

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Couple photography

I wouldn't call myself a professional  photographer but every now and then, I like to put my camera in use and experiment with it. This time around, I tried my hands on couple photography. My very good friend(she was featured on my blog before) is getting married and I thought it would be a good idea to do a pre-wedding/engagement photo shoot for her and her fiance and they happily agreed. We didn't have much time to prepare so we just worked with what we had. The day before the shoot, I discussed how and where we are going to carry out the shoot and helped them pick their outfits.