Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Black and White Cardigan

When the designer Prabal Gurung announced his collaboration with Target, I knew that I had to own  some of his creations. His designs are always so beautiful and inspirational;  this was the perfect time to own few of his designs as I couldn't have afforded otherwise .  It was really overwhelming to see all his gorgeous designs for such an affordable price and I just loved all the pieces from his collection. Since I had to get the items shipped from US, I could not buy everything as I wanted  to, instead, I just settled for two; one of  which is featured on my blog today-  "The black and white cardigan in Meet the Parents Print".

I chose to get this cardigan because of the print and monochrome color palette. I knew I could play with the cardigan to create multiple looks all year around.  When I received it, I totally fell in love with; it was so beautiful, versatile and on trend. The material is super light & comfy and can be layered over a top or a dress during spring/autumn and can also be worn under a thick jacket or coat for much cooler days.

The Look
For a casual vibe, I paired this  cardigan with a black maxi dress, sandals, silver necklace and oversized sunnies. Simple yet chic look  which is perfect for walking around and shopping.

Stay Stylish!



  1. I am loving this style. Wish I could buy more from PG collection..