Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Railway Crossing

Finally I managed to edit some photos from my current Prabal Gurung printed cardigan styling obsession. I went to Hunter Valley during my birthday weekend about 2 weeks ago and these pictures were taken on the way. We stopped for a coffee break at this very interesting cafe called the Railway Crossing, it was right at the corner of an actual railway crossing hence the name. I was so fascinated by the rugged and antique interior of the cafe, it was so different and interesting. The owner had turned the trash into treasure and used unwanted and worn out pieces beautifully to give his cafe a unique look. I was especially drawn into this particular piece, it was an old kerosene stove which reminded me of my time back in the days when I used to live in Nepal. We used to use those stoves for cooking and I believe they are still used in Nepal by many families but here, it was an antique decorative piece in a coffee shop.

Anyways moving on to my outfit, this is the one of the styles I created with my very beloved cardigan. Check out and previous blogs (here and here) to see how it was styled differently). This time, I opted for a casual and comfortable look as I was going to do lot of walking and  sightseeing. while travelling . I paired my cardigan with black skinny jeans and mustard yellow tank top, finished off with studded ankle boots. For jewelry, I went with "cross" earrings (it wasn't planned I swear) and a big crescent pendant. I love the how this printed cardigan just elevated this look from casual to casual chic!

Stay Stylish............

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