Friday, May 3, 2013

Charity Shopping Event - Bubbles and Bargain

Last year, I got introduced to a charity based in Sydney called Dress for Success which outfits disadvantaged women in high quality professional attire and provides practical advice in preparation for job interviews, for free. They organize various events through out the year for fund raising, one of which is a sale event called Bubbles and Bargain. I got the opportunity to volunteer for the event last year in October and this year in mid April which not only allowed me to work with some very generous people but also witness a fantastic sale event with unbelievable bargains!


As a woman, we all love shopping and spending money but when there is good cause associated with it, it becomes even more satisfying and guilt free. This was definitely one reason I went to the event this year as my experience last year was wonderful. Another reason was to volunteer to actually make the event happen. Now let me tell you more about the items that were up for grab on sale. You could find high end designer pieces like Chanel & Louis Vuitton to items from local store which was priced below $100, in fact most of the items were priced under $50 during the last 2 sale event I attended. It even got  better towards the end as the they lowered the price to the point where you could fill a big plastic bag with all you can for only $5,(it was $20 this year) So last year, I grabbed around 20 items including shoes, bags and clothing for a mere $10 and all of them were brand new, some being by famous Aussie designers. It was the biggest bargain I had ever received in my life!!! 

This particular skirt in the picture above that was featured twice in my blog, is a fabulous find from last year's sale. I have said it before and will say it again that it is one of the favorite pieces in my closet. I'll be posting pictures of my findings from this year's sale on my next post but for now, enjoy some pictures I took from my iphone

For more information on Dress for Success and the events, please visit their website at
Bubbles and Bargain is one sale event a woman should not miss, I sure won't.

Stay Stylish

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